Big News for the Moriartys

It’s true. And we’re SO excited! (And scared and nervous…but mostly excited.) 🙂


4 thoughts on “Big News for the Moriartys

  1. Marie Bernadette says:

    Congratulationss on your November bebe! Ours is also, technically, a November bebe but I’m mentally planning on December because…let’s face it, once you know the whole “let’s say 40wks when it could easily be 42wks” thing, you get a little bit skeptical. 🙂

    • cassondrajw says:

      Thank you! I saw that you were pregnant and I was like “Ooh me too! Me too!!” They put my due date as November 11, but I’m fairly certain 1) that doesn’t line up with my chart bc I know when I ovulated and it was later than day 14 and 2) 40 weeks is a myth like a 28 day cycle.
      But YAY babies.
      And seriously YAY for no more first trimester. Hear ya on the nausea and not going anywhere near the kitchen with a 10 foot pole. (Hard to do in a studio apartment 😉

      • Marie Bernadette says:

        yeah, it was pretty exciting when I told my OB “I know I ovulated on This Date” and she said, well, we’ll see if the ultrasound matches up based on size, etc…and it matched up TO THE DAY. Hah. NFP for the win 😉

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